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Meet your 2022 Board!

Click on the member's name for more information.

Paul Martinez
Dallas Fire-Rescue Department (Retired)

Captain, Fire & Arson Investigation Bureau

1st Vice President
George Malone
Collin College Fire Science Program

Mesquite Fire Department (Retired)

2nd Vice President
Michael Bassano

Double Oak Fire Department

Fire Investigator / Fire Fighter


Nathan Diaz
Red Oak Fire Department

Fire Marshal


Brandon Laird

Farmers Branch Fire Department

Fire Investigator/Inspector

Sergeant At Arms


Executive Board

Dwight Freeman

Section Chief, Inspection Division

Executive Board

Sam Stephenson

Rockwall Fire Department

Fire Investigator-Inspector

Ad hoc Executive Board Member

Kelly Johnson, Immediate Past President

Firensics, Inc. / Haag Global Fire Unit

Senior Fire Consultant

NTFIA Past Presidents.jpg
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